Love Divided


After asking your father for his blessing to get married, you and your team have found yourselves physically and visually separated into two groups. Unsure of what’s going on you receive the following message from your father.

My child, you know that my love for you is greater than anything you will fully understand. I have received the news that you desire my blessing on your upcoming marriage. I of course desire nothing more than your greatest happiness in this life and eternally. I am wise beyond your years and have seen many things good and bad throughout the years when it comes to love. There is love, and there is lust, and only true love lasts. To help ensure this is a love that lasts, I have split you, your beloved along with your friends. You must both search out the truth of what true Love is. You can communicate with your beloved anytime you wish, but you will only be reunited once you have opened the door of Truth that separates you. Once you are united I will have some more tests and obstacles you must overcome together to determine if true love exists. It is only than that Your Father’s Blessings will be given as you and your beloved can be joined together as one.

Do you and your team have what it takes to prove you have found true love, and earn your fathers blessing?

[Please note this room is great for families, friends, and couples. While the story line follows two people in love, the Kingdom Keys are relevant to all aspects of God’s Love and how we are called to treat each other while separating the worlds standard of love from God’s.]




60 Min