Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Who can play this game?

You can play this game together with your family members, friends, youth group, athletic team, church members, colleagues from work or play it as a church leadership training or corporate team building game and have fun with them for one hour. There is no faster way to learn what the people around you are made of!

Why should I join in this game?

Kingdom Keys Adventures offers you an experience different from other classic activities done as a group; you can find the opportunity to test your mind, body, and spirit! Use your biblical knowledge, concentration, observation, problem solving, communication and decision making competencies in a fast paced fun environment!

Do I have to make reservations?

We always recommend that you book online prior to making a trip to Kingdom Keys Adventures. Rooms can fill up hours or even days in advance, so secure your preferred spot as soon as possible!  We do require that you book 2 hours in advance of any escape room adventure.  This is so we can ensure the room is ready and we are appropriately staffed.  If you are in the area and want to stop by to see if we have immediate availability, or you are looking to book a time slot that is less than two hours away, we strongly recommend that you call in advance, but of course you are always welcome to just stop by and check.  We do not have any cash on-site at Kingdom Keys Adventures, so booking by phone, on-line, or in-person does require a credit or debit card.  If this is not possible for you, and you still wish to take part in an adventure please call us.

Are tickets refundable?

No. Please keep in mind that each adventure is a live event, so once the booking is confirmed, refunds or cancellations are not allowed.  You may reschedule your adventure at any time prior to 48 hours before your reservation.  Games may not be rescheduled with less than 48 hours before your adventure.  We understand emergency situations happen and plans change, however as a business we can not afford to staff and prepare for an adventure and be expected to issue refunds because your plans change.

What time should I arrive for my adventure?

It’s important that you arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of your game. Your mission instructions and game briefing begins prior to your scheduled adventure, so please don’t be late!  If you arrive late, you may not be able to join your team if the adventure is already in progress and no refunds will be issued due to your late arrival.

Will I be playing with other Kingdom Seekers?

You may or may not be paired with other players depending on if there are other players wanting to book the adventure during the same time slot. If you do not wish to play with other players then you may purchase at least FIVE tickets in an EMPTY room, the reservation will become private and your group will play alone.  Keep in mind, if you book five or more in a room that already has other players, the room will remain open unless the maximum capacity is met.  Whether you play on your own or with new friends, you will have an amazing adventure that you will never forget!

What are the age requirements for participants?

Family friendly is the name of the game at Kingdom Keys Adventures! From toddlers to great-grandparents, everyone is sure to have a blast! Children’s spirit of adventure and exploration will help the team find clues and see things from a different perspective, while the wisdom, knowledge and/or patience of the older participants will be useful in many other areas.  One thing is for sure, no matter what age you will have an awesome time!

Keep in mind that you will need to keep an eye on toddlers to ensure they don’t damage our props.

Children under the age of 14 are required to have an adult aged 18 or over in the game room with them.  Children aged 15-17 are required to have an adult aged 18 or over on site, but are not required to play the game with them.

Can I get out of the room without finding the Kingdom Key?

Fear not!  You have a mission, you have your team, you have 60 minutes…but will it be enough?  While you have the freedom to leave the room for a break, realize your team has to make it without you while you’re gone.  Step away, take a break, then get back in there.  You are an important key to your team’s success!

How much does a Kingdom Keys Adventure cost?

The cost to play is $25 per person and is due at the time you make your reservation online or by phone.

Please note that children 4 and under are free.  Some people hesitate to pay for a 5 or 6 year old, but we find that children over 5 become active participants and not only enjoy the experience but walk away with important Kingdom life lessons.  As a family with a budget, we know the importance of sowing seeds of investment into our kids future, and we pray you will see it the same way after your experience at Kingdom Keys Adventures!

How difficult is the game?

Each of our adventure rooms immerse the players in a biblical theme with the goal of finding the Kingdom Secret or Kingdom Key that will set you free. Each adventure may require you to solve puzzles, find clues, seek out Kingdom truths, apply the truths you have learned in practical ways, solve riddles, perform physical and mental challenges.  Each adventure is designed to be completed in 60 minutes by concentration and solving the puzzles.  You do not need any special biblical knowledge or talent other than using your brain, communicating and working with your teammates and acting fast.  This, however, does not mean that everybody can finish the game the first time they try!

What should we bring with us?

Bring ALL of you! Your mind, body and spirit!  Your zeal for seeking out the Kingdom of God, your sense of adventure, your problem solving abilities, and a dedicated commitment to team work!  Dress is whatever makes you comfortable, but please keep in mind this is a family friendly environment.  You will be squatting down, climbing through, looking under items, and seeking clues and objects throughout the room.  If you need reading glasses or hearing aides please bring those with you.

You DON’T need cell phones, video cameras, recording devices of any kind, calculators, or anything else that will distract you or other participants in the room with you.

Will it be safe during the game?

All of our adventures are family friendly, and unlike many other escape rooms, our themes are never fear based.  Some of our rooms do have physical challenges, and all of our rooms are played with multiple players.  Because of that there is always a risk of personal injury and extra caution should be used.  We strive to maintain a safe and clean environment and are committed to a family friendly atmosphere.  We will not allow any gaming under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  We also will not permit any use of inappropriate language.  Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave the game immediately and no refunds will be issued.  In addition, there will be real time monitoring by our Game Masters in all of the rooms that have players.  You can finish the game whenever you want and leave the room by simply walking out the door you entered.  Please note that some rooms may make use of fog machines or special lighting for added effects.  Those with allergies, asthma, or seizure disorders may wish to contact us for more information, or to make special arrangements.

So what are you waiting for? Book your adventure today!